Celebrating Excellence
in Education

Talented Teacher 2023

About us

Welcome to the Talented Teacher 2023 Competition, where we recognize and reward the exceptional educators who make a difference in the lives of their students and communities. Join us in this nationwide search for the best teacher in the USA as we celebrate excellence in education.

It's All About


The Talented Teacher competition aims to find and reward a deserving teacher who excels in their industry, raise funding to support teachers with their expenses, and promote the vital role of teachers in our society.

Organizers and Sponsors

Powered by Partnership: Partnered in Purpose is proud to organize this competition in collaboration with CGCFcares, a 501(c)(3) charity committed to improving lives. CGCFcares generously sponsors the competition, ensuring that a significant portion of the funds raised directly benefits teachers.

Open to All Teachers

Calling All Educators: The Talented Teacher competition is open to all teachers in the USA, from PreK to 12th grade. Whether you teach in a public school, private institution, or homeschool setting, this is your chance to showcase your dedication and innovation.

Be a Talented Teacher

Register now as a talented teacher and be a part of good cause while showing your relationship with your students.

Prizes and Grants

Rewarding Excellence: The winning teacher will receive a prestigious prize package worth $15,000! This includes a $5,000 cash prize, a year's worth of groceries valued at $5,000, and a $5,000 classroom stipend. But that's not all! CGCFcares will distribute grants to all participating eligible teachers at the end of the competition. To be eligible for a grant, participating teachers must meet the qualifying threshold of the total number of votes received during the competition.

How to Participate

Register for the Talented Teacher competition to showcase your teaching prowess. You don't need a nomination; simply fill out the registration form and create your profile. Remember, only one profile per teacher is allowed to maintain fairness and integrity.

Public Voting System

The power lies in the hands of the public! Cast your votes to support your favorite teachers. You can vote for free once every twenty-four hours, or choose to donate to cast additional votes. Note that paying for votes is strictly prohibited, as we strive for a fair and transparent competition.

Stay Informed

Throughout the competition, Partnered in Purpose will provide regular updates and progress reports. Be sure to visit talentedteacher.org and follow our social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for the latest news, announcements, and exciting highlights.

Make a Difference

By participating in the Talented Teacher competition, you are contributing to the overall support and recognition of teachers. Help us in our mission to raise awareness about the importance of educators and ensure they receive the resources they need to thrive.